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Site Announcements, February 2020

By George, 24th February 2020

Codeit version 5.1 is ready! We're sure you'll enjoy it's new freshly-baked features 🍰

The biggest changes in this version come in the form of vast improvements to Codeit's Import Wizard. One of these big new changes is the ability to import Excel workbooks into Codeit (in addition to the existing CSV option) using the Import Wizard. Say goodbye to creating endless individual CSV files for import and hello to a single convenient Excel workbook (...containing possibly endless sheets for import 😬).

The ability to give an alias to a column on import was also added as part of the new improvements to the Import Wizard; give your columns easier-to-remember names on import into Codeit and you'll still retain the original column names on export.

A snazzy new import memory feature was also added to the Import Wizard, meaning that the wizard will 'remember' the settings from your previous import and apply them automatically while also indicating if you're changing a setting from your previous import which may affect your data.

The above three changes are only the most visible of the new changes to the Import Wizard; there are dozens of improvements made under the hood to make importing files into Codeit even smoother than before.

Aside from the major changes to the Import Wizard, the ability to quickly add a filter as a text match rule to a codeframe item was also implemented in Block Coding mode, as well as other small changes and bug fixes as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the software.

As always, we hope these new changes help you to be more productive while using Codeit.

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